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But Pascal vows that he'll hunt the two, never stopping until he's destroyed them both. If they survive, can this hardened soldier of fortune convince the only. With If You Dare, Cole introduces a thrilling new romance trilogy featuring fierce Scottish brothers with dangerous lives, dark desires, and a deadly curse., ISBN. Start by marking “If You Dare (MacCarrick Brothers, #1)” as Want to Read: Kresley Cole introduces a thrilling new romance trilogy featuring fierce Scottish brothers with dangerous lives, dark desires, and a deadly curse. Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

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If You Dare Kresley Cole Pdf

If You Dare Kresley Cole. “Cole's voice is powerful and gripping, and IF YOU DARE is her steamiest yet!” –Linda Lael Miller,. NYT bestselling author “A tale that. Get Free Read & Download Files If You Dare Kresley Cole PDF. IF YOU DARE KRESLEY COLE. Download: If You Dare Kresley Cole. IF YOU DARE KRESLEY . If You Dare by Kresley Cole - With If You Dare, Cole introduces a thrilling new romance trilogy featuring fierce Scottish brothers with dangerous lives, dark.

All rights reserved. If You Dare. By Kresley Cole. Pocket Star Publication date: April download ePub. Our price:. With If You Dare, Cole introduces a thrilling new romance trilogy featuring fierce Scottish brothers with dangerous lives, dark desires, and a deadly curse.

Courtland MacCarrick is a highland mercenary who likes high lands who just so happened to pick the wrong side of a fight. He's your typical arrogant, hot, head-strong, hot, tough-as-n 4 stars I don't normally read any kind of romance unless there is a pretty strong paranormal element to the story. He's your typical arrogant, hot, head-strong, hot, tough-as-nails, hot Scot.

Annalia Llorente is a petite and feisty Lady of Andorra who has a dry and quick wit that kept me giggling and frustrated the hell out of Court. That is until that frustration turned to respect and adoration.

In order to save her brother, Annalia has agreed to marry an evil man. Courtland is determined that that not happen. Their story takes place while Court is whisking Anna away to safety. Trying not to be whisked away by her because he believes he and his brothers are cursed to live their lives completely loveless and full of death and destruction should they even attempt to love.

Curses are funny things I enjoyed this book! It's not just a fluffy historical romance.

If You Dare

There is just enough conniving, fighting and interesting side characters to add substance to the romance. Good start to a romance trilogy. I usually don't undertake historical NOR erotic novel. Let's say I was doing some experiments to myself, especially my mood. I kept feel sorry reading it. Half of the book was really desperation. I've just realized that it was me that make the whole situation of my reading difficult. The erotica was such a delightful reading. I'm not naive so I should say it's satisfying.

I like the whole story especially the character. The main characters, Court and Anna was so strong. I like the both, I like them united. The chemistry was so great. It's a good start to love these kinds of books. I should add this to my favorite! Apr 25, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: Points given for the unusual plot, setting, and smart-ish heroine.

Alas, nothing particularly special or memorable.

It wasn't light or lovable enough to comparable to Julie garwood or Amanda quick Nor was it dense and enthralling enough as say, Judith McNaught. Instead it was in a murky place between the two, that I just didn't find all that enjoyable. But, if you're in the mood for a sexy highlander in exotic locations, go for it. This just wasn't a favorite of mine.

Feb 12, Heather C rated it really liked it Shelves: It took me a while to get into this one. It turned out to be really cute story.

I was really confused about the curse and what it projected, but I think the MacCarricks didn't really understand it either. I plan to read the others in the series. Mar 13, Sue rated it it was ok Shelves: DNF, something about this book just didn't catch my attention, glad it was a library book and not one I bought. Didn't completely pan it because it could have gotten better Jan 07, Beatrix rated it really liked it Recommended to Beatrix by: Harley Quinn.

Really really good writing and exciting plot.

Kresley Cole - Maccarrick Brothers 01 - If You Dare

Thank you for the recommendation, Azra! Feb 07, Sana Zameer rated it really liked it Shelves: Seems like Kresley Cole can do no wrong. I loved her Arcana Chronicles and Immortals after Dark Series and I really enjoyed the first book of this historical series. An alpha highlander and an arrogant, judgemental heroine, though she did redeemed herself in the end. With lots of angst, action and steam. Aug 27, KatieV rated it really liked it Shelves: I had read the last book in the trilogy - If You Deceive - due to seeing it rec'd over and over as a great revenge book.

I did enjoy that one immensely but thought this one was almost as good. I liked both the hero and the heroine. Although, at first, Court was a real ass. He resented the fact that he was so attracted to a woman who was above his station and who showed him quite a bit of contempt. However, Annalia's contempt was very reasonable in my opinion. Annalia had been raised in a very shel I had read the last book in the trilogy - If You Deceive - due to seeing it rec'd over and over as a great revenge book.

Annalia had been raised in a very sheltered environment. She'd never seen violence or war until a Spanish dictator-wannabe invaded her small country, Andorra. Which was interesting for me to learn about since I'm American and sadly fit the stereotype in that I suck at geography: Annalia had a distant claim to Spanish royalty, so he hoped to use a marriage to her to legitimize his planned overthrow of Spain's Queen Isabella.

This is where the hero and his band of highlanders come in.

Court headed up a band of Highland mercenaries in the employ of Pascal. He and his men broke with him in the beginning of the book because they had obviously chosen the wrong side. However, the fact that he'd ever worked for Pascal in the first place made Annalia's contempt for him understandable.

Still, she saves his life when she find him after Pascal's assassins had tried to kill him. Then, Court proceeds to acts like a very ungrateful ass when he realizes she sees him as an uncivilized brute trying to ruin her country imagine. When he realizes who Annalia is and how Pascal plans to use her things start to get really interesting.

He doesn't want Pascal to have her for revenge and also because he wants her for himself. But he's thwarted by the infamous curse on his family and the fact that Annalia thinks he's a monster. It is very fun to see him turn less and less mercenary in his treatment of Annalia and her to begin to admit her attraction to him. It was definitely sigh-worthy to see the big, brutal Highlander be so tender with the heroine. Cover fail warning - I really need a tag. Covers just aren't what they used to be.

Unless I misunderstood, Annalia would not have been a blond. I remember one description where she was described as having darker hair with hints of gold when it was in the sun unless I dreamed it and her eyes were definitely dark.

There were also several mentions of her golden skin. I had pictured her as someone with chestnut colored hair and a bit darker complexion than the fair-skinned blond on the cover. View 1 comment. Court, tentara bayaran dr Skotlandia, terluka parah dan ditolong oleh seorang gadis di Andorra. Annalia adalah gadis bangsawan setempat, entah insting darimana utk merawat luka2 Court.

Ternyata yg kemudian terjadi, Court bukannya membalas budi pada Annalia, eh malah selalu memandang mesum setiap kali melihat gadis itu. Ketika gadis itu minta tolong dgn merayu Court utk membebaskan kakak semata wayangnya, Aleix, Court malah menghina Annalia.

Hal ini menyebabkan Annalia shock dan sepenuhnya yakin ma Court, tentara bayaran dr Skotlandia, terluka parah dan ditolong oleh seorang gadis di Andorra. Hal ini menyebabkan Annalia shock dan sepenuhnya yakin makhluk yg ditolongnya adalah seorang bajingan. Annalia menjalankan Plan B, menyerahkan diri pd musuhnya, Pascal, dgn harapan kakaknya akan diselamatkan. Tapi Court malah menculik Annalia dr tangan musuhnya dan menyebabkan mereka berdua dikejar-kejar oleh antek2 Pascal. Saat Annalia tertembak, sikap Court jadi over protektif terhadap gadis ini.

Makin diperparah lagi, selama dikejar-kejar dan pelarian mereka, Court mulai "mengajar" Annalia foreplay ttg education of sex. Jadilah Annalia kecanduan "pelajaran" ini, dan setibanya mereka di Inggris, Annalia memutuskan utk menyerahkan keperawanannya kepada Court. Court biarpun pny disiplin tinggi tetaplah seorang pria.

Akhirnya goyah dan luluh juga terhadap dorongan nafsu utk memiliki Annalia. Dgn deskripsi super detail di malam pertama nya Annalia, ternyata hal ini hanya permulaan dari malam2 berikutnya dimana Court terus menerus meniduri Anna siang dan malam doyan banget nih mereka berdua.

Walau mereka akhirnya saling cinta, tetapi tetap ada kendala diantara mereka, terutama di pihak Court. Klan MacCarrick dikutuk bhw orang yg mencintai mereka akan mati dan hal ini tertulis di buku kuno mereka. Dapatkah mereka berdua mematahkan mitos legenda tsb? Dari segi tema cerita sebenarnya tidak ada hal yg baru dan istimewa dari novel HR ini. Justru saya lebih suka interaksi antara Court dan Annalia, yg dari saling membenci jadi saling mencintai.

Sebagai sama-sama anak bungsu, keduanya keras kepala, licik, saling mendominasi dan suka memerintah. Bagaimana tidak mereka saling cekcok terus2an? Dari perang mulut hingga perang bibir berlanjut dari awal sampai dengan akhir. Saling tipu daya utk menaklukkan satu sama lainnya, menciptakan romansa yg lumayan unik.

Padahal ada editornya dan proofreader juga dicantumkan namanya. Tidak ada jaminan nama terkenal menghasilkan terjemahan yg baik. Dec 18, Natasha rated it it was amazing. I'm in love with the MacCarrick Brothers! I first read Ethan's story, which is the third and final novel in the MacCarrick brothers trilogy and was amazed that I went this long without reading it.

Although I love all the brothers, my favorite is Ethan. I have to talk about another thumbs up love story.

Courtland 'aka Court', was if possible even more brutally honest and unpolished. He feels s I'm in love with the MacCarrick Brothers! He feels something for her and he hates that it can't ever come to be.

His family has been cursed, to never have the love of a woman without it ending it torment and pain. Death and torment to those caught in their wake, Unless each dark one finds his forechosen mate. For his true lady alone his life and heart can save…. But Anna won't be swayed that easy. Is it true? Or is it just the lust that has been passed down from her mother? The more time they spend together, the more she grows accustomed to him being around.

But it's more than that with them.. Will they chance it? This novel was amazing. From start to finish it was filled with emotion and betrayal, and the occasional wit.

I love the MacCarrick brothers. I wish there were dozens of MacCarrick brothers so I could read along with each of them. These broody Scots will claim your heart! I have read all Kresley Coles paranormal romance books which I loved so decided to read her historical books, and I was not dissappointed.

I really liked the main characters in the book, Courtland and Annalia. I know that alot of people don't seem to like her, but I thought she was funny and interesting. Although she was aloof and snobby and had a prejudice against Highlanders, I think that it was understandable giving her circumstances.

I thought some of teh best scenes in teh book was when sh I have read all Kresley Coles paranormal romance books which I loved so decided to read her historical books, and I was not dissappointed. I thought some of teh best scenes in teh book was when she was trying to escape.

I also really liked Court okay I lusted after him! The love scenes as well were well done, they had a good build up, I don't know about anyone else but I don't really like it when characters just jump into bed with eachother the book then tends to just degenerate into one long sex scene.

I think a build up is much better, and makes the sex scene more intense just on the strength of knowing that they have been fighting the attraction and have finally succumbed. Also the love scenes weren't over the top and stayed on the right side of smut, whilst still being hot.

The only thing that wasn't that good was the supposedly elite assassins that were after them. They just weren't that threatening, and their attacks were a little pathetic. But overall I really liked this book and am definatly reading the next two. View all 13 comments. Mar 09, Catherine rated it it was ok Shelves: Someone recommended that I try the MacCarrick Brothers trilogy because it is supposedly some of her best historical work. If this is an example of her best historical work I'm definitely better off not reading anymore of them.

What was up with Anna in this story? Her personality was so grating and she did such stupid things. Through out most of the book she loathed Court. Now I can understand this as I found him pretty irritating, but to hate him and then suddenly decide you're in love with him? That's pretty much exactly what Anna did. I wasn't expecting the paranormal aspect of this book. I really didn't like it either. I think I would have gone with the flow of it better if I had actually been enjoying the book.

I also seriously disliked the fake Scottish accents. I had an eye twitch by the end of the book! I don't plan on continuing with any of this author's historical novels.

I think we're both better off that way. View all 14 comments. Oct 06, Nicci rated it did not like it Shelves: Liam called out in a bored tone, "Court, there's a pitchfork rebellion here to see you. I fear for our safety and advise fleeing posthaste.

The character developement is poor and they are hard to relate to. This curse nonsense isn't properly explained and is all in all just odd.

This story lacks flow or key scenes to keep the readers interest. A blond giant flanked the old husband, looking almost more enraged. Ethan swiped a hand over his cheek. Can you no' see she's lying? Do you see his face? She invited me. Would any of the patrons have seen them together in that hallway for the brief moments when she'd approached him?

The woman shook her head fiercely. Ask Flora! Ask her! Habit took over. Ethan threw a fist, breaking his nose - blood spurted. It was important for Ethan to remember something. What was it? At that instant, the answer Ethan sought came to him, and he lunged for his jacket. A blow crashed against the back of his skull. His face pounded the floor. Fists rained down again and again, kicks to the gut He fought the blackness for as long as he could; he had to explain, had to defend himself.

Kresley Cole

He dimly heard the bitch crying to her husband, worrying about the scandal if this were to go to trial Ethan knew that in this isolated part of the country the lords were their own entities, laws unto themselves if they chose, always with henchmen willing to do black deeds.

And they hated strangers, much less foreigners. The note, his deliverance, was stowed in his jacket pocket just feet from him. He tried to speak but could only grunt in pain. An attempt to reach for it earned him a booted kick to the chest. Forcing his eyes open, he saw that she was crying hysterically, seeming to believe her own lies. Whoever this Maddy was, the mere mention of her in this context made the old man swing his gaze on Ethan. Seeming dumb with rage, eyes glazed over with it, he assured her they'd take care of this on their own - no one would have to know.

Ethan felt true fear rippling through him. They'd make sure the Scottish bastard never raped another woman as long as he lived.

comvafataha.tk | If You Dare (ebook), Kresley Cole | | Boeken

Cold sweat broke out over Ethan's body; they were going to take a knife to him. The old man hesitated, then gave a nod. See it done. Ethan tried to shake it off, but blackness consumed him He woke to the bite of a rope cinched around his wrists.

A bone-deep ache radiated from his shoulders up to his clenched fingers. He tried to open his eyes - only one swollen lid would crack enough for him to see - and found himself strung up to the rafter of some type of stable. A blood-soaked gag filled his mouth.

Ethan saw a tall, burly man sitting on the edge of a stool that was about to buckle under his great weight. His meaty leg bounced with nervous energy as he cast Ethan furtive, guilty glances. The man knew. He knew Ethan was being wronged. Judging by the prologue I was sure I'd get a gripping historical paranormal romance, instead the blasted curse was only mentioned sporadically and when it was the only thing that explained some stupidity the hero did or said.

And I hoped the first book actually a novella was a fluke about me not being able to relate to the characters. I was completely detached from Court and Annalia as well, not to mention their romance The author could've done a good service to her readers if she didn't make her such a idiotic virgin I hate when that happens - a virgin, yes, but why ignorant as well? The only thing that saved this book for me were the few, yet satisfying, humorous passages. They made me laugh - out loud - and that's always a good thing.

View all 5 comments. Feb 03, Dina rated it liked it Shelves: I'd heard some "bad" things about the heroine of this book before I started reading it, so I was "prepared" to sigh and roll my eyesballs a lot while going through it.

As it turned out, I only did it once! Court wasn't one of the best heroes I've ever met either. I didn't really connect with him, and I thought he was quite dis I'd heard some "bad" things about the heroine of this book before I started reading it, so I was "prepared" to sigh and roll my eyesballs a lot while going through it.

I mean, she saved his life and he repaid her by taking over her house as if it was his right!?! It was too snarky to be fun. But once they started acting like civilized people, I enjoyed following their story. This was my first read by Kresley Cole and I liked her writing. It sounded too modern sometimes, but I'm not neurotic about historical accuracy so that didn't bother me too much. All in all, I wasn't wowed by this first book in the MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy , but I had fun reading it and I'm curious enough about Court's brothers, Hugh and Ethan, to read their books.

That's good enough for a first book in a series, don't you think? View all 7 comments. Nov 18, hayledie rated it really liked it. View all 13 comments. Jul 23, Zoe rated it liked it. The plots are so so. But Courtland definitely has his moments. This book kept my interest though. I thought with such tried plots and a relationship that seems to build on sex, the book managed a lot than most romances.

Beaten to the core Courtland MacCarrick barely escapes general Pascal 's kill order by throwing himself into the river. She decides to save him, so she brings him to her home, where she nurses him back to health. Court ends up kidnapping her, making her furious as it puts her brother's life in danger, so she doesn't make his tries at keeping her safe easy.

However sparks fly, passion and anger becomes mixed up and their fierce attraction for each other gets harder to fight As he slept, his heartbeat returned to slow and steady, lulling her. Before she joined him, she decided that she never wanted to sleep without that sound again. She wasn't my favorite female heroine, but she wasn't the worst either. She was strong headed, brave, though naive and at times annoying, specially the scene where she got shot.

Though, do not get me wrong; she wasn't weak. Hell, she even took down an assassin on her own. I really wouldn't want to be on her bad side However, I didn't like her looking down at Court. So we can say that Worse, he waited with an old man he'd like to toss from the window and with a mysterious woman he wanted to tie up so she couldn't flee until he'd actually finished questioning her Courtland MacCarrick, the hero in this book, was awesome.

I kinda like a 'barbaric, commanding, strong, fierce, and brutal' man, and Court was just that. On top of that, he was also capable of kindness and compassion. I really like that he could go from high passionate to a cold blooded mercenary.

So I'm kinda interesting in knowing what would happen in the future for the couple, though mostly I'm interested in Court's future We didn't really get to know Pascal other than the fact that he had a perfect look, and could smile so sweetly when threatening your life like you're talking about the weather.

I just didn't like him. Olivia Pascal's daughter, we think? Even if you hate it I'm really not sure how to feel towards Court's brothers Hugh and Ethan. I didn't get the feeling of 'brother-love', just that they were brothers, and that was it. Yes, I did just make up a shipping name for them.

Anyway, I really like their passion towards each other. I wouldn't mind being seduced by Court. Hope she knows that. They complete each other. It was a good story. I had some problem getting 'into' the story, as the writing was a bit heard to understand.

But as I got used to the writing, things got better. However, the back and forth was a bit too much for me, and I felt we really wasn't going anywhere with the story.

I felt like they were on the move all the time and the ending just fell a bit too short. But other than that, it was a alright story, with good characters and on top of that? High five for that! View all 4 comments. May 10, RJ rated it did not like it Shelves: Everyone just annoyed the crap out of me.

The heroine is haughty and arrogant and it didn't annoy me as much as some other reviewers but she still isn't one of my favs. The hero on the other hand I felt like bitch slapping him multiple times Gosh, so unbelievably rude, arrogant, and tactless. The h goes to him to ask for help since she just learned her brother has been kidnapped and he demands her body as payment. I did not enjoy his character at all. When we read about brutes and caveman type heros the thing that makes us swoon is how different they are around the heroine and I absolutely LOVE the "gentle giant" type heros.

This hero is a giant but nothing about him is gentle. The heroine gets fucking shot and he starts taunting her: Look at all the blood everywhere. Should you no' be fainting by now? The last straw was when they are forced to share a room and he wouldn't leave the room when she wants to change but just turns around and the second he hears the h's towel fall he turns back to leer at her. It did not feel romantic at all, just like an invasion of her privacy since they are NOT at that level yet.

The heroine cannot go a chapter without reminding him how much she "loathes" him and I just didn't get any warm fuzzy feelings for this couple.

I kept waiting for them to start acting a little more civilized but I'm half way through and it's just not worth it anymore. View all 28 comments. Feb 11, Zeek rated it really liked it Shelves: Good start to a series! Deeply sensual, Cole writes a steamy romantic story!

I wasn't sure at first what I thought about the hero of IYD, Courtland MacCarrick, as he came off stubborn, hard nosed and a bit of jerk. And too, Annalia Tristan Llorente, the heroine, seemed too proud and bound by societal stricture- I just wasn't sure how these two would ever get together. But I soon found out they were more than they seemed, and that, as well as writing heated romantic scenes, the author knows how to Good start to a series!

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